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2011 Cappadokia Trip Journal Day 1

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Friday 12th of August 2011, after canceling another trip abroad we decided to go for a small one to Cappadokia in Turkey. Y on his BMW R1150GSA, A and I on our F800GS we are ready for the trip.
Starting from Limassol we all meet and around 8.00am with tanks full we are off to Nicosia, pass the border in Agios Dometios and get to the port in Kerynia.

Meeting place
Arriving there we found Ys Grandmother that offered us some money to have a drink on here, bless her! We refused kindly and started the procedure with getting insurance, visa pass, customs yellow paper and continue to the port.
I do remember that upon entering both gates they needed to make a phone call as I had radar tickets since May 2010 but they entered them in their system a month ago and I did not know about. The strange thing is that I was the last in the line following others and I was the only one fined twice the same day, strange .

Arriving in Kerynia port we got our ferry tickets for 100 plus taxes and waited to board, tie the bikes and a delay (as usual) of 2 hours.

Kerynia port
Sea was rough going there on our 7 hours journey since A was looking at some bottles on the table that someone left there, going from side to side and eventually had to grab before they fell on the floor and at some point Ys bike fell causing very little damage. (see video here)
On the deck the things sold are limited since we managed to get one packet o crisps and there was no second with the same flavor.
Nobody can forget a guy snoring in all kind of tunes that we all could not stop laughing with him!
We met with some Turkish kids that were traveling with us and had a nice chat with them since they tried to help us with a blocket telephone card we had but couldnt get it to work.

Arrived in the port of Tasucu at around 9.30 where another procedure starts for insurance 25, Visa 15, Road tax 25TL, immigration, check bike by customs, security for our luggage, this takes a while and you can only smile.

Y's sole fell off and continued just like that.

Well it was late so we decided to stay for the night , have something to eat and start our day fresh in the morning. Walked around for a bit looking at the small market, the port and the town.

Tasucu market

The pansion is another thing that is not maintained at all with a shower with no shower and a toilet seat tha was leaning to the one side with no top sheets. It was only for a night so who cares, just used it and left it in the same condition.

Parked in Tasucu

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