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20-08-08 Bulgaria - Rodopi - Diabol Gourlo - Iakoutinska Pestera

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20/08/08 a big day ahead of us since we decided to go at Diavolsko Gourlo through the Rodopi mountains, so we grab the coat and the isothermal t-shirt and off we go passing through Plovdiv turning off at some point towards some villages. We continue on a pleasant road that in short period the turns started to be more often and on our right hand side a huge dam where there were boats, little green islands, fisherman just like a small ocean.

The site was lovely with green everywhere you look starting from the top of the mountains all the way down to the clear blue water of the lake, but lets continue as we have a long way to go and unexpected is always around a corner and speaking of that we find trucks and trailers parked on the side of the road so we go pass them with caution and find that two trucks hit face to face and closed the road, luckily for us there was just enough room to squeeze by and continue our trip.

Keep looking around at the lovely nature and the twists become more and more and the warning signs from 60km/h drop to 40 then 30 and the street becomes more narrow and just as I was thinking thatís the limit another sign of 20km/h poped up and then the road was so narrow that only a single car could go by since on the one side a steep mountain from rock ended in the road and on the other side a drop straight in to the river, well I was going less than 20 believe me.

Finally we reached the cave of Diabol Gourlo

and we entered it, water running from everywhere and very dark since even the flash on the camera was weak, but we continue down and then climbed up until we could see some light coming in ...

.... we exit this place and the mist from the waterfall we passed inside was visible and coming out of the cave.

We collect our helmets from a store that I must mention they kept safe for us with no charge at all and around 30km up the mountains in the narrow and twisty roads we arrive to another cave .....

called Iakoutinska Pestera .....

and paid to see that one also since it is from stalactites. After a brief tutorial we had to go and fetch our jackets since the temperature in there was 6 degrees Celcious, we enter the cave but no camera is allowed so I hold it but donít use it as we pass the rocks and slowly the stalactites come up, lovely place I must say and after 40 minutes of walking we exit this cave and we are notified that further up there is another from the Neolithic time, well why not, we saw that and off we go back home.
I am now looking at the counter and guess how many kilometers I have left so we can refill and sit down for something to eat and on the way there we stop on the river bank of a lake to rest ....

.... and wear some warm clothes as is was getting chilly. We come to a small town, refill but no restaurant there so we decide to just go home and rest and eat but going over a pump (planted there) and going on a lovely straight road we see police that stops us, why? Well the road wasnít open to the public yet, after checking my papers he gave us a warning and let us go.
Reached the village and that was the end of another lovely trip in Bulgaria.

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