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18-08-08 Bulgaria - Etera - Veliko Turnovo - Shipka - Buzludja

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18/08/08 Monday and we all get ready to go to Veliko Ternovo and for once maybe get going earlier than the usual after 10am but breakfasr is in order ans after that away we go for the Stara Planina mountain under the tunnels created from trees and as you already know, the twisty turns that are a bikers delight but I only saw a group of three bikes coming the other way.

First stop, Etera, a lovely village that has been preserved over the years and everything there works with the water power, mills, cloth making bakery making lovely sweets and pies using the original recipes with preservatives and old coaches and sledges from old nostalgic times.
This is one of the times that whatever I say is not enough and the time needed is beyond a simple text, you must see this place in order to appreciate it.

We leave this lovely place and off we go to Velico Turnovo, but allow me to call them “cold”  and I will explain, people never smile there starting from the street and going to waitress that when I was looking for the bathroom in on restaurant and looking for some kind of sign and failed to find one (there wasn’t any) a waitress talking Bulgarian sort of ask me (shouting) what I was looking for, I explained using my hands and she continued shouting and showing me to the right, we I found it and not even on the doors there was no sign. Lets talk about the other that came for the order, freezing called again, took the order, served, payed and never saw a smile crack on her face, I think you now know what I mean.

We are now in the center and there lies up in front of us a castle with the surrounding walls and on the top a sort of “church”, I looked in there but I was out of it in 2 minutes, spooky place with spooky paintings, went behind and found an elevator that took you to the top (if you paid) and you can see a panorama of the town below with its river and trees, nice view indeed.

Down we go and end up outside the town in a village just further up in a restaurant (remember the cold people) where we ordered various food and must say it was nice.

We leave this place also and we reach Drianovski monastery...

.... with a monument also present there go under the church down some steps, over a wooden bridge ....


.... and then uphill that leads us to a cave called Bancho Kyro (small route 600m and long one 4Km), this is where we run out of luck as just a minute before it closed at 6pm, well no flashlight, no lights and no guide, there was no way to enter it so we leave this place and after an ice cream and some water back up the Stara Planina mountains all the way to the top and we see a building that looks like a UFO ....

.....and this place is called Bulzouza, it was build when the communist party was founded in Bulgaria. The site is nice and the horses there .....

..... also very lovely but the wind and rain that started were pushing us away as it became to cold, downhill towards Kazalnook and back to our base after doing around 400km

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