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17-08-08 Bulgaria - Kalofer - Piala Rika

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17/08/08 Sunday and I did mention I wanted to go to the river so with some relatives that gathered there we decided to go to Piala Rika near Kalofer, and off we go towards the mountains through the usual twisty roads and having some persons climbing on the back of the bike for the experience.

After the asphalt roads we followed a gravel road for a while going up and down and we finally reach a park, I didnít want to leave the bike to far away from me so I entered the park, crossed a river and left it under the shadow of tree where I could keep an eye on it.

The kids called me to go with them up the mountain following a natural trail but until I took a couple of photos they were out of sight, so here I am going up the hill trying to locate them, something I didnít manage but the place was beautiful with a natural trail through the forest, wooden steps and bridges over the river that was flowing from the top of the mountain that I could see the ice still there even in the middle of August, but it was time to go back now as my feet were killing me with shoes on them. On the way back I saw a wooden stand with small frames that had photos of the plants and on the back text explaining what each one was, I read a few and continued the way back.

Time to test the water by walking in it and the same time it was a breath catching experience but I did manage to get in up to my neck but only for a minute, it was too cold for me but everyone else was enjoying themselves.

The kids came back and insisted on me going with them, well I did and back up the hill again, down some steep slope and we end up in a place that the water creates a small waterfall but the water there is deep and around 15 people diving and doing what they know best in diving techniques, there was no way I could enter that water again as I was feeling cold already.

We leave that lovely place as its time to eat and my apetite was really high due to the water and clean air of the mountains, pass the river again but almost came off this time, and another member jumps on the back of the bike and out of the gravel, back to the asphalt and stopped at a restaurant for some food.
We all gather around, order and the food comes in portions with my sauce coming 20 minutes later and my food was cold already, well I eat it but not going back there again.

Back to the town and to the house but it was late in the afternoon going next to some fields on both sides but the insects are by thousands and hitting my body, not very nice when you are only wearing swimming trunks but I managed to get back just fine and to get ready for the next day.

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