Monday, January 21, 2019
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Trax Luggage System Side Carrier Installation

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This is the procedure (more or less) on how to install the SW-Motech side carriers on the BMW F800GS with photos attached.

After opening plenty of plastic bags (very good packing again!) we separate the parts to check and also separate the screws etc on top of the instructions paper given.


I would suggest you copy the back page since all the screws are on the one side.

Remove the seat, remove the 4 front screws and loosen the 2 rear ones on the rack. I have combined the original BMW top box with the SW Motech side carriers.
Remove the original passenger bar and install the one by Motech. The 2 screws are the original and the 2 are new ones.
These six screws you can tighten in to place.
I must mention that after all is installed, the seat does not go on easily any more and you need to force it a bit. I will get around to this problem later.

Under the tank / frame, you will find 4 holes (2 on each side) to insert the screws given. Do not tighten any of them until you have everything in place. Install the bracket with the spacers and screws.

Now install the rear bracket. Beware that the 3 screws given are not convenient and since they give us 2 black ones for the indicators (that are NOT needed when you have the LED indicators) i used those as the 2 top ones. Reason is that the number plate is out of place with those two screws above. Do not tighten these either!

Install the side carriers bracket on both sides and insert the quick release screws given. Reason for doing so is that they do not oposite the holes exactly if you tighten all other screws.

Now tighten all screws and center the brackets to look nice also.
Since i installed the Scorpion exhaust, the space is much more on the left side (looking from behind) than what when the original exhaust is installed. I believe that the company could give the option for a shorter version on the one side, making them balanced. I might cut them down to size later and remove that space.

The result is as shown here and they give excellent protection to the bike in the case of a fall.

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