Monday, January 21, 2019
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How to install the SW-Motech engine guards on a BMW F800GS with photos

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The SW-Motech engine guards has just arrived and here is the photo "instructions" on how they were installed.

Placed all parts on the plastic protective bags that came with them. The protection for P&P is excellent!


SW-Motech engine guard parts

Separated the screws for checking but also for an easier installation with the numbers.


Remove the T50 screw and install the new one.


Install the 2 bottom screws with the spacers.

Install the cross member with the 2 screws.

Remove the other side screw but pay attention to the factory spacer (see circled) and remember to put it back.

Attention to original spacer

Install the 2 bottom screws with spacers.

Insert the two top front screws.

Tighten all screws to the correct torgue and see the finished product installation!

SW-Motech engine guard

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