Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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BMW R7 - 1935

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In 1935 the telescopic front fork was introduced. Initially it was tried on the BMW R7, which never went into production. It was many years before customers were ready to accept this sort of 'styling'.

Designed by Alfred Böning, was really ahead of its time and not only design wise but also in the characteristics, since it it was the only one with a covered engine - chassis.

The boxer engine fitted on was of 800cc but different in many ways from the existing ones such as, the cylinders and heads was one unit and the gear box position was different. Some of these differences were not used until 1969.

A prototype that was recently found and restored.  None were ever put into production, but possibly the most beautiful BMW ever made. Very different in that it has chain driven transmission, the engine is hung in the frame, and lots of magnesium throughout -the period version of carbon fiber I imagine.

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