Monday, January 21, 2019
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16-17 July Camping at Polis

The time is almost perfect for a camping and this was programmed to be done a while back.

Others started from Nicosia and others from Limassol towards Polis camping place. Starting point in Orphanides supermarket and 5.05pm we started our bikes with 8 bikes that the one would leave us at Paphos as she came only for the ride.

We reached the camping site, paid for the tent and per person and the friends there kept the places for us to camp for the night.

The preparation is on ... blow up the bed

and how on earth will this fit in there? Start by kicking it maybe? ha ha ha

Cooking on camp with the souvlakia ready just on time!

Everyone is keeping busy with swimming or just hanging around.

What can a top box hide?

What else .... Beers! Thanks Derynia!!!!

Nargiles anyone?

and the night has fallen with our bellies full and beers in our system its time for the music!

Our friends from Derynia !!!!

Perfect night!

The next morning .... feet outside the tents, beers you name it. This shows that we did indeed have a good time!

All photos can be found here
PS: We could enjoy the company of someone else but .... well another time.

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